Environmental Management - São Lourenço do Sul

The undergraduate program in Environmental Management aims to prepare professionals with a systemic and integrated vision of the environment by presenting and discussing issues concerning the management and preservation of the environmental resources related to the needs and conflicts of different sectors of society, especially about those under socioenvironmental vulnerability. Therefore, the course has an interdisciplinary nature, adapting itself to meet the different potential demands in a pragmatic way and aiming to solve problems.



(53) 3251-3933 or

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Eduardo Dias Forneck

Assistant coordinator:

Karina Kammer Attisano

Occupation area

Technologists of Environmental Management may work mainly in environmental agencies, research centers, governmental agencies for regional development, which are involved with different environmental management issues, such as management of river basins, management of urban environment, business environmental management, management of preservation areas, and environmental impact assessment.

Professional profile

The tasks of an Environmental Management technologist include legal and managerial aspects of environmental management, such as planning, management and execution of environmental diagnosis activities, environmental impact assessment, proposition of mitigating measures, recovery of damaged areas, environmental licensing, environmental monitoring and supervision, protection and preservation of the environment; assessment of legal conformity; analysis of environmental impact; and preparation of technical reports and opinions.

Basic information

Length: 6 semesters
Campus: São Lourenço do Sul
Schedule: full time 
Degree: technologist
Admissions: 30
Modality: classroom

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