Academic Mobility

The experience of getting to know and interact with other cultures, other educational methods and institutions enriches and enlarges the academic qualification of any student. In order to give the opportunity for students to complete part of their studies in other universities in the country and abroad, FURG offers different modalities of academic mobility.

National Mobility

FURG has two modalities of national mobility: Andifes Academic Mobility Program and Santander National Mobility Program.

International Mobility

The possibility of experiencing different cultures along with the opportunity to expand knowledge by developing studies in foreign institutions of excellence is a great chance of academic, personal and professional life growth. The Coordination of Academic Mobility and the International Affairs Office are responsible for the support and assistance of students in academic mobility, which is ruled by different programs and public notices and calls:

Science Without Borders Program

Portuguese-Brazilian Santander University Scholarships Program

Ibero-American Santander Scholarship Program

Brazil-Colombia Exchange Program - Bracol

International Licentiate Program - PLI

General requirements for Academic Mobility

- To be regularly enrolled;
- At least 10% of the course credits completed, in cases where the program is divided by courses;
- At least 50% of the course load completed for the first year, in cases where the program is annual;
- Submit to approval by the program coordination the plan of activities to be accomplished, including a statement of the selection result for the Mobility Program;
- Comply with the specific requirements of the programs and public notices and calls.

Contact the Academic Mobility Coordination

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