Graduation Ceremony

Graduation ceremonies for undergraduate degrees is one of the most touching and remarkable moments of the academic life. At FURG, all undergraduates can participate in the ceremony at no cost.

Since 2006, the graduation ceremonies have been coordinated and carried out by the institution, assuring the act to be official and public. The university provides the place, decoration and academic dress for all ceremonies. This allows all students of classroom or distance education to receive their academic degrees with their colleagues totally free of any charges.

All ceremonies are broadcast live at as well as on our Youtube channel. So, distant friends and relatives have the opportunity to watch the graduation. Moreover, the video recording remains available for free here.

There are two types of graduation ceremony, which the students might choose:

University Graduation Ceremony

It is a solemnity performed by the Rector with the presence of a guest of honor, a class sponsor, valedictorian, and other guests. In these ceremonies, the university authorities and the undergraduates wear academic dress. The act is held in a place, date and time previously arranged by Prae’s Coordination of University Wellbeing.

The graduation ceremonies held in Rio Grande are always at Cidec-Sul, Carreiros Campus, an auditorium of 1,100 seats. The ceremonies in other campuses: Santo Antônio da Patrulha, São Lourenço do Sul and Santa Vitória do Palmar or in any of the distance education units are held in the cities where the student attended the program, in a place previously chosen by the Institution.

Graduation in Office

This solemnity is held in the Rector’s Office or another internal University facility, in the presence of the Rector and the Chief of Rector’s Office, in cases the students cannot or chooses not to attend the ceremony. No academic dress is required and there are no guests of honor, class sponsor or valedictorian. In this act, it is possible to receive the degree by power of attorney when due to force majeure the student cannot be present.

Every year, usually in April, Gratuation Comissions are composed for those programs completing activities in the first and second semesters, and they are registered in the Coordination of University Wellbeing, in the Pro-Rectories building or in Cidec. After that, the procedures and schedule of solemnities are defined.

Access the decree and the rules for the Graduation Ceremonies.

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