Distance Education

The Secretariat of Distance Education (Sead) has the mission of promoting integrative policies for the innovation of methodologies and digital technological culture to support programs, projects, and activities in distance learning at FURG. Guaranteeing the quality of teaching, research, and extension, in the convergence of different education modalities, is the principle of Sead.

Sead’s roles are to coordinate distance education activities at FURG; offer teachers, tutors, and students a space for discussion, reflection and development of actions aimed at distance education; provide administrative, pedagogical, and technical support to distance education activities; and implement distance education policies at the university.

Distance education programs are not undertaken continuously or annually. Instead, they have their own calendar and there are specific admission processes. Such information is available on the websites of the Secretariat of Distance Education, the Permanent Commission for Selection Processes, and the Admission System Graduate Programs.

Access the Sead website.