Visual Arts - Bachelor Degree

The undergraduate program in Visual Arts - Bachelor Degree aims to prepare professionals for artistic production, research and criticism in the field of contemporary art, as well as providing a general education based on the respect to diversity and differences. Curriculum structure embraces the areas of drawing, painting, engraving, three-dimensionality, photography, video, and graphic design, within the specificity of visual thinking.



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Marcelo Roberto Gobatto

Occupation area

Bachelors of Arts have an emphasis on visual poetry and history, criticism of theory and art, and may also work in the contemporary circuit of art, mainly as an artist, curator or critic. The education received at university also allows you to work with mediation and teaching of other artists in courses and workshops. Furthermore, this degree offers a basic education to work in the areas of audio-visual production, photography and graphic design.

Professional profile

Bachelors of Arts are licensed for production, research and criticism of Visual Arts, preparing artists and researchers to work in the contemporary circuit of art with the development of perception, reflection and creative potential, articulated with the specificity of visual thinking, in order to provide the graduates with reflexive thinking, artistic sensitivity, and the use of traditional and experimental techniques and procedures.

Basic information

Length: 8 semesters
Campus: Carreiros
Schedule: morning/afternoon 
Degree: bachelor 
Admissions: 25
Modality: classroom

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