Production Engineering

This degree aims to develop technical and scientific training for professionals to plan and elaborate projects, as well as to identify, prevent and solve engineering problems related to the activities of design, operation, management and improvement of production systems. In addition, students will be able to act in the accomplishment of actions destined to administer and control productive systems of diverse segments.




(51) 3662-7800



Bianca Pereira Moreira Ozorio

Assistent Cordinator:

Leonardo de Carvalho Gomes

Occupation area

Traditionally, Production Engineers develop activities on the factory floor, but this occupation area has extended to the service sector, and the work settings may include consulting offices, hospitals, public organizations, and agribusiness. Therefore, Production Engineering is based on ten occupation areas: Operations Engineering and Processes of Production, Logistics, Operational Research, Quality Engineering, Product Engineering, Economic Engineering, Organizational Engineering, Work Engineering, Sustainability Engineering, and Production Engineering Education.

Professional profile

Production Engineers are professionals with consistent technical and scientific training, based on ethic and human concepts. From a systemic view, you are able to identify, prevent and resolve engineering problems associated with projects, operations, management, and improvement of production systems in the most different areas.

Basic information

Length: 10 semesters
Campus: Santo Antônio da Patrulha
Schedule: integral
Degree: Bachelor’s Degree
Admissions: 50
Modality: Classroom attendance

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