The undergraduate program in Pedagogy aims to graduate professionals in Pedagogy to teach in Childhood Education and the early years of Elementary School, and also in Youth and Adult Education and other areas in which a pedagogical knowledge is expected. Moreover, developing abilities on pedagogical management and coordination are aimed to work in school and non-school environments.



(53) 3293-5114

Ivone Regina Porto Martins

Assistant coordinator:

Sabrina das Neves Barreto

Occupation area

Graduates of Pedagogy works in environments that develop school and non-school educational processes, working with teaching or management (principal or vice-principal of schools), school coordination or educational assistance.

Professional profile

Educators work on the intellectual development of children, teenagers and adults, performing activities in a responsible and ethical way. Educators are also professionals who are reflective and committed with his/her social role.


Basic information

Length: 8 semesters
Campus: Carreiros
Shedule: afternoon/evening
Degree: teaching
Admissions: 45/45
Modality: classroom

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