The undergraduate program in Oceanology aims to provide students with a technical-scientific education focused on knowledge, interpretation and forecasting of the phenomena occurring in oceans and transitional environments, under physical, chemical, geological and biological aspects, aiming the rational usage of all domains.



(53) 3233-6703

Fabrício Sanguinetti Cruz de Oliveira

Assistant coordinator:

Jorge Arigony-Neto

Occupation area

Bachelors of Oceanology may work with modeling of the circulation of water bodies, interactions between oceans and atmosphere, weather forecasting, investigation of new food resources, control and reduction of pollution, as well as searching for ocean’s chemical products that may benefit humankind. They may also develop these activities in port companies, oil and gas companies and in fish breeding, aquaculture and energy production consulting companies, which are related to the ocean. Another important working area is that of researching, science, technology and innovation in issues that consider the oceans and its ecosystems.

Professional profile

Professionals of Oceanology may have a technical-scientific training focused on knowledge and forecasting of the behavior of oceans and transitional environments under all aspects, and are able to work in an interdisciplinary way in the activities of rational usage and exploitation of renewable and non-renewable marine and coastal resources.

Basic information

Length: 10 semesters
Campus: Carreiros
Schedule: full time
Degree: bachelor
Admissions: 40
Modality: classroom

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