The undergraduate program in Medicine aims to prepare professionals to evaluate and improve the quality of the assistance provided, dealing with the patients’ needs through integrated services of prevention, treatment and rehabilitation; using new technologies, considering ethical and financial factors, as well as the benefit that will be provided for the patients; fostering a healthy lifestyle by giving the community the adequate information; interacting with teams from the socioeconomic sectors related to health and integrating the health attention network, being part of the recovery of individuals in biopsychosocial aspects.



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Carla Vitola Gonçalves

Occupation area

In addition to working as Doctors/Physicians, the graduates of Medicine show a broad knowledge on the National Health System guidelines, and this also allows them to be managers in this area.

Professional profile

Health professionals are able to develop actions of prevention, promotion, protection and rehabilitation, dealing with the necessities of individual and community health and fostering a balance in the expectations thereof.

Basic information

Length: 12 semesters
Campus: Saúde
Shedule: full time
Degree: bachelor
Admissions: 74
Modality: classroom

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