The undergraduate program in Law aims to graduate citizens and operators aware of the values implicit in the spheres of Public and Private Law, as well as of the limits and interactions between the State and non-State spheres. The purpose is to stimulate the student’s participation in the processes of law and society construction, and it is expected that they be capable of working politically and legally, without disadvantages to a solid general qualification, based on ethical, social and humanistic values. Furthermore, it aims to contribute to the education of citizens and professionals capable of upholding with special zeal the human rights and the socio-environmental development and sustainability.



(53) 3233-6678

Marcelo Eibs Cafrune


Assistant coordinator:

Luciano Vaz Ferreira

Occupation area

Bachelor of Law may have careers at the State level (Public Defense, Magistracy, Public Prosecution, Diplomacy, etc.) and in the private sphere, through advocacy and consulting in several branches. You may also work in the defense of collective rights linked to the civil society, and as a professor and law researcher.  

Professional profile

The degree aims to develop a professional who presents a solid general, humanistic and axiological, theoretical and practical education; capacity for analysis, knowledge of concepts and legal terminology; adequate argumentation, interpretation and appreciation of legal and social phenomena; reflexive attitude and critical vision fostering the capacity and aptitude for autonomous and dynamic learning, necessary to the practice of the Law, provision of justice and the development of citizenship; flexible to work in the defense of human rights, development and sustainability, without disadvantages to a general qualification according to the exercise of the different legal professions.

Basic information

Length: 10 semesters
Campus: Carreiros
Schedule: evening/morning
Degree: bachelor
Admissions: 55/55
Modality: classroom

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