History - Teaching Degree

The undergraduate program in History - Teaching Degree aims to prepare teachers of History with a critical view of society, enabling them to work in several spaces, both public and private. The work must be based, above all, on professional ethical commitment.



(53) 3293-5358

Jussemar Weiss Gonçalves

Assistant coordinator:

Francisco das Neves Alves

Occupation area

Licentiates of History may work as teachers in Elementary and Secondary Education; develop teaching and researching activities in Higher Education institutions, including projects at the graduate level; you can also coordinate research support centers, archives, memory and documentation centers; and plan, guide and supervise projects for historical and historiographical patrimony preservation.

Professional profile

Historians are interested in themes related to History and Human Sciences; you may have a critical attitude towards social and political issues; monitoring contemporary events in the media; interest in doing research and scientific investigation; and developing aptitude for reading and writing.

Basic information

Length: 8 semesters
Campus: Carreiros
Schedule: evening
Degree: teaching
Admissions: 32
Modality: classroom

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