Field Education

The undergraduate program in Field Education - Emphasis in Natural Sciences ad Agricultural Sciences aims to qualify educators to teach in rural schools the subjects related to Natural Sciences in the final grades of Elementary School and related to Agrarian Sciences in High Schools. This proposal is intended especially for teachers, members of Indigenous communities, quilombolas, artisanal fishing communities and residents or small rural farmers in family agriculture.



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Patrícia Braga Lovatto

Assistant coordinator:

Christianne Loréa Paganini

Occupation area

The graduated may work in rural schools and peasants, Indigenous and quilombolas communities in the final grades of Elementary and High School. You will also be able to work in the organization of the Educational System, as manager, planner or coordinator of units, in addition to projects and formal and non-formal educational experiences.

Professional profile

Graduates in Field Education show a wide knowledge of issues involving the daily basis in the countryside; analyze critically issues related to social-cultural and environmental dimensions; encourage the strengthening of the identity and appreciation of belonging to the field culture; and stimulate the comprehension of productive processes in the field from a sustainable agriculture point of view.

Basic information

Length: 8 semesters
Campus: São Lourenço do Sul
Schedule: afternoon/evening
Degree: teaching
Admissions: 40
Modality: classroom

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