Environmental Toxocology

This program embraces the field of technology applied to Environmental Toxicology, having the goal to educate professionals in a higher level with a technological mastery in Cellular and Systemic Toxicology applied to the monitoring and preservation of coastal ecosystems. The program is part of the professional field of Environment and Health.



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Robert Tew Boyle

Assistant coordinator:

Isabel Soares Chaves

Occupation area

Technologists of Environmental Toxicology work in teaching and researching institutions, laboratories of chemical analysis, toxicological clinics, hospitals and toxicological and health centers, water and housing and industrial wastewater plants, health and environmental control agencies, environmental consulting companies, pharmaceutical, food, automotive, textile and metal-mechanical industries, mining and mineral sources refining companies, livestock and crop production centers, among others that include the usage or creation of gaseous, liquid or solid waste which has the ecosystem as a final target.

Professional profile

Professionals graduated in Environmental Toxicology are able to deal with the application of new technologies and to identify the different biological systems, aiming to use them as models in the application of methods and techniques to evaluate the cellular toxicological and systemic effects of environmental contaminants that are in the ecosystems, either natural or synthetic ones. After graduation, these professionals have their register accredited by the Regional Council of Chemistry of the 5th Region.

Basic information

Length: 5 semesters
Campus: Carreiros
Schedule: full time
Degree: technologist
Admissions: 24
Modality: classroom

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