Cooperative Management

The undergraduate program in Cooperative Management aims to prepare managers to run, foster and assist cooperatives, associations and other organizations of civil society, considering the democratic principles, equality, equity and solidarity, in the process of creation and development of these organizations. This degree proposes the education of professionals to foster the development of cooperatives through participation and self-management, offering orientation and assistance to the associate enterprises.



(53) 3251-3933


Marcia Borges Umpierre

Assistant coordinator:

Larissa Ferreira Tavares

Occupation area

Graduates of Cooperative Management are able to plan and manage cooperative activities and its respective businesses, also being able to work in individual and second-tier cooperatives or in federations or confederations of cooperatives (such as credit unions, workers, consumers, hybrids, and housing cooperatives).

Professional profile

Managers of Cooperatives are technologists who show a solid technical education, developing conceptual abilities that enable an effective work in the field and also in the connections of the cooperative organizational system with external environment.


Basic information

Length: 6 semesters
Campus: São Lourenço do Sul
Schedule: evening
Degree: technologist
Admissions: 45
Modality: classroom

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