Computer Engineering

The undergraduate program in Computer Engineering aims to train engineers to project, supervise and build software and hardware computer systems, with special emphasis on software, based on project requirements presented to them or created by themselves.



(53) 3237-3068

Cleo Billa

Assistant coordinator:

Ewerson Luiz de Souza Carvalho

Occupation area

Bachelors of Computer Engineering may work in planning and developing computer systems for both commercial and scientific purposes, as a systems designer, technological consultant or manager of technologic enterprises. Also, there is the possibility of developing an academic career.

Professinal profile

This degree offers multidisciplinary, theoretical, practical and scientific qualification in Exact Sciences and I.T., which provides a computer engineer with knowledge on the fundamentals of Science and stimulates creativity, abstract thinking and critical sense for adaption to the new technologies, in addition to the capacity of solving problems, entrepreneur spirit and methods used in management.

Basic information

Length: 10 semesters
Campus: Carreiros
Schedule: full time
Degree: bachelor
Admissions: 50
Modality: classroom

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