Civil Engineering and Management

The undergraduate program in Civil Engineering and Management aims to graduate professionals with solid technical-scientific qualification, able to absorb and develop new technologies, stimulating a critical and creative performance while identifying and solving problems, both humanistic and ethically, considering political-economic, social, environmental and cultural aspects and reaching the demands of the society.



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Rodrigo Rocha Davesac

Assistant coordinator:

Luiz Antônio Bragança da Cunda

Occupation area

Graduates from the Civil Engineering and Management are able to work in the monitoring, execution and inspection of building constructions; creating projects, planning and maintenance of concrete industries, buildings, bridges, dams, water treatment and distribution systems, sewage treatment systems, highways, airports, ports, urban roads, earthworks, foundations and lower voltage electrical installations.

Professional profile

Civil Engineers with a management emphasis are able to plan, supervise, create and coordinate engineering projects, analyzing systems, products and processes; has a critical vision to solve and interpret results; and understands administrative, legal, cultural, socioeconomical and environmental problems.

Basic information

Length: 12 semesters 
Schedule: evening
Degree: bachelor
Admissions: 50
Modality: classroom

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