Civil Engineering

The undergraduate program in Civil Engineering aims to train professionals with entrepreneurial vision, social context understanding, ethical commitment and qualified to work in the diverse areas of the Civil Engineering field (Building Construction, Structures, Sanitation and Environment, Hydric Resources, Geotechnics, and Transport); and providing a high-quality teaching through methods and ways that assure a full education, including human, ethic, social, scientific and technologic values. Based on these values, the engineers shall guide their acts aware of the importance of environmental protection.



(53) 3233-6649

Carla Silva da Silva

Assistant coordinator:

Carlos Henrique Hernandorena Viegas

Occupation area

Bachelors of Civil Engineering may develop their abilities in the Building Construction, Sanitation and Environment, Hydric Resources, Geotechnics and Transport areas.

Professional profile

Civil engineers may have a basic, scientific and professional education that will enable them to understand and develop new technologies, which will allow them to work critically and creatively, identifying and solving problems. To do so, economic, social and environmental aspects are considered, with an ethical and humanistic view, in order to meet the society demand


Basic information

Length: 10 semesters
Campus: Carreiros
Schedule: full time
Degree: bachelor
Admissions: 75
Modality: classroom

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