Applied Mathematics

The undergraduate program in Applied Mathematics aims to prepare professionals to work in companies in the field of informatics, marketplace studies, consulting, industry and more. For this purpose, such degree program stimulates the improvement of logical reasoning and the understanding of advanced techniques of mathematics, physics, statistics and computation, aiming to develop innovative solutions for modern society problems. Students can choose one of the three minors: Mathematical Economics, Computational Mechanics or Graphics Processing, which enables them to deepen qualification according to their interests.



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Cristiana Andrade Poffal

Assistant coordinator:

Mario Rocha Retamoso

Occupation area

In Brazil, universities are most common workplace for Bachelors of Mathematics (with a graduate degree). However, the marketplace out of the university is in great expansion due to competitiveness in the company and industry areas. The best positions are usually in the great urban centers and the education of these professionals is aimed at changing this picture in the region.

Professional profile

Through the methodology of the common core subjects, professionals of Applied Mathematics develop abilities related to techniques and methods that will provide a scientific support to adapt them to issues of any field of knowledge. Also, the mathematician is qualified to use techniques of computer simulation to solve everyday issues.

Basic information

Length: 8 semesters 
Campus: Carreiros
Schedule: full time
Degree: bachelor
Admissions: 40
Modality: classroom

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