The Rectory is an executive body of the University’s Superior Administration. The Rector and Vice-Rector are responsible for the administration, supervision and coordination of University activities, as provided in the By-laws and Internal Rules of Procedures. The Rectory is composed by: Rector’s office, Pro-Rectories, Executive Councils Office, Advisory Offices, Ombuds Office, Internal Audit, Permanent Committees, and Joint Agencies.

Rector's Office

Rector’s Office, coordinated by a Chief Officer, is the Rector’s political and administrative support structure. It is responsible for providing direct and immediate assistance to the Rector; establishing relationship with all levels of management and the general public; transmitting and controlling the execution of Rector’s orders; coordinating services and practicing the representation and disclosure required for the Rectory to operate.

Councils Office

Responsible for giving permanent support to the Institution’s Superior Councils: University Council (Consun) and Teaching, Research and Extension Council (Coepea).

Advisory Offices

In their respective areas, Advisory Offices aim to assist the Rector, Vice-Rector, Rector’s Office and Pro-Rectories, by issuing opinions, communications as well as interconnecting the Institution with target audiences in each area.

Permanent Committees

There are Permanent Committees for: Teaching Personnel’s (CPPD); Staff Career Plan; Disciplinary Administrative Process (CPPAD); Accumulation of positions; and Public Ethic.

Ombuds Office

It mediates issues involving the University itself, as well as the internal and external community.

Internal Audit

Aimed at guiding, monitoring and assessing the University’s management and administration, and its attribution is defined by University Council.


For better organization, operation and efficiency of actions and services, the Rectory has the following Pro-Rectories: Undergraduate Studies (Prograd), Research and Graduate Studies (Propesp), Extension and Culture (Proexc), Administration and Planning (Proplad), Student Affairs (Prae), Infrastructure (Proinfa), and Personnel Management and Development (Progep).

Joint Bodies

University Hospital Prof. Miguel Riet Corrêa Jr.
Oceanographic Museum Prof. Eliézer de Carvalho Rios
Office of International Relations
Environmental Management System

Information Technology Center
Antarctic Support Station
Communication Office
Distance Education Office

Access the Rectory’s Internal Rules of Procedures.

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