Pro-Rectory of Student Affairs

Students are at the core of university efforts and the Pro-Rectory of Student Affairs (“Prae”) works to ensure the development of academic life under equal conditions of access and stay in higher education, in an environment of commitment, participation and improvement of technical, humane and citizenship education.

Therefore, Prae promotes student support to guarantee their stay and completion of studies, pedagogical guidance for learning, extended training to build citizenly participation and professional development.

In order to undertake all these work fronts, the Prae team is organized as follows:

Student Assistance Department

It is aimed to expand, qualify and democratize the students’ access to and stay in the University. This work is carried out by two offices: the Coordination of Food, Accommodation and Transportation, and the Coordination of University Wellbeing.

The Coordination of Food, Accommodation and Transport for Students (“CAATE”) is responsible for managing food, transportation and housing aids to students, as well as guiding and supervising the services provided by university restaurants and supervising and administering the University Student Houses.

The Coordination of University Wellbeing (“CBVU”) works with a focus on promoting health and wellbeing through psychological, dental care and pedagogical services to students and by artistic, cultural, sports and integration activities. In addition, CBVU is responsible for the loan service of hammocks and bicycles in the campuses and for the organization of the graduation ceremonies.

Student Development Department

Focused on the integral development of students, it is aimed among other factors to qualify students’ stay in the academic environment and reduce school dropout. The work is carried out through four offices: Coordination of Academic Development and Extended Student Training (“CODAFE”), Coordination of Student Pedagogical Monitoring and Support (“CAAPE”), Coordination of Affirmative Actions (“CAAF”) and Coordination of Student Care.

The Coordination of Academic Development and Extended Student Training is responsible for the policies of internships, scholarships, aids, agreements and other accesses to basic assistance actions and extended student training. The Coordination of Student Pedagogical Support and Monitoring seeks to promote the quality and improvement of the interactions between teaching and learning in their pedagogical, political and epistemological relationships in the university environment. The Coordination of Affirmative Actions promotes and accompanies the actions directed to people with disabilities, specific needs and traditional communities in the University. Finally, the Coordination of Student Care is formed by multidisciplinary teams that enable the students of the campuses of FURG in Santa Vitória do Palmar, Santo Antônio da Patrulha and São Lourenço do Sul to access the policies and programs of assistance and student development at the institution.

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General information

Pro-Rector: Daiane Teixeira Gautério
Telephone number: (53) 3237-3023
Location: Pro-rectories building, Carreiros campus, Avenida Itália Km 8. Carreiros District, Rio Grande/RS.
Opening hours: 8 a.m. to 9 p.m.

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