Pro-Rectory of Planning and Administration

The Pro-Rectory of Planning and Administration (“Proplad”) is responsible for the planning and administration processes necessary to the development of teaching, research, extension and administration activities at FURG. This is done by means of integrated actions of management, budgetary execution, accounting running and records, institutional evaluation and document management, according to the goals and strategies established in the institutional plans.

Concerning the university planning, Proplad coordinates the elaboration and formulation of proposals and guidelines for the development of the Institutional Educational Project and the Institutional Development Plan, also following the preparation and execution of the Annual Action Plans. For this purpose, statistical data and information are collected, processed and analyzed to be used in the planning and administration of academic activities as well as for the institutional performance assessment.

With regard to budgetary, financial and accounting matters, Proplad elaborates FURG’s budget proposal and follows the execution of its total budget; coordinates the activities related to the purchase and destination of goods and services; makes the accounting records as to budget, property and financial execution; and is also responsible for the processes of determination, analysis and control of costs at the University.

Besides, Proplad runs the processes of goods purchase and hiring of services by bidding; elaborates and controls all the contracts related to the Institution; runs the management and logistics of the University’s materials, among other tasks.

Proplad’s Structure

- Office of Planning
- Office of Institutional Evaluation
- Office of Material Administration
- Office of Financial and Accounting Management
- General Archive
- Permanent and Temporary Committees and Boards

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General information

Pro-Rector: Diego D’ávila da Rosa
Telephone number: +55 (53) 3233-6712
Location: Proplad building, Campus Carreiros - Itália Avenue Km 8. Carreiros, Rio Grande/RS
Opening hours: 8 to 12 a.m. and 1:30 to 5:30 p.m.

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