Pro-Rectory of Infrastructure

The Pro-Rectory of Infrastructure (“Proinfra”) coordinates actions related to the establishment, maintenance and expansion of the infrastructure that is necessary for the development of FURG’s teaching, research, extension and administration activities. Therefore, Proinfra builds and preserves the institutional patrimony, based on environmentally sustainable processes, and administers the university’s movable and immovable properties in all campuses.

Proinfra develops construction work projects, implements telephony, electric power and hydrosanitary infrastructure, and coordinates the occupancy of the university’s physical space. In addition, this Pro-Rectory is also responsible for the performance of infrastructure in campuses with services of maintenance, patrimonial and people surveillance, reception, general services, processes, transportation, supervision and inspection of outsourced services.

Proinfra’s work also includes technical assistance to the university unities, development of technical documents for public tenders that involve the hiring of construction works and services related to infrastructure, inspection of construction works and contracts and the management of operational issues related to environmental responsibilities of the university.

Proinfra Structure

- Coordination of Central Animal Facility (Bioterium)
- Coordination of Environmental Management
- Office of Construction Work
- University Hall
- General Office

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General information

Pro-Rector: Marcos Antônio Satte de Amarante
Telephone number: +55 (53) 3293-5270
Location: Proinfra building, Campus Carreiros - Itália Avenue Km 8. Carreiros, Rio Grande/RS
Opening hours: 8 to 12 a.m. and 1:30 to 5:30 p.m.

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