Pro-Rectory of Extension and Culture

Pro-Rectory of Extension and Culture (“Proexc”) promotes the institutional development of extension, culture and arts, bringing together the academic potential and society, full of cultural values, having the University integrated to the community.  

By exchanging scientific and popular knowledge with dialogue with community and artistic-cultural activities, Proexc contributes to an all-embracing academic education for students. Practical application of theoretical knowledge and experience of social reality provides students as well as professors with integral training. Also, by means of participatory methodologies, collaboration with local and regional development is enabled and, therefore, integration between university and society is increased.

Proexc is responsible for stimulating e coordinating FURG’s extension, art and culture programs and projects, aiming to strengthen the inseparability of teaching-research-extension and contributing in projects capable of generating and stimulating new knowledge that effectively contributes to the various sectors of society, in particular the most fragile ones.

Structure of Proexc

- Office of Extension
- Office of Arts and Culture
- Museums
- Center for the Integral Attention to Children and Adolescents
- Publishing and Printing House and Bookstore at FURG
- Center for the Memory of Engineer Francisco Martins
- Living Center for Sea Children

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General information

Pro-Rector: Daniel Porciúncula Prad
Telephone number: (53) 3233-6931
Location: Pro-Rectories building, Carreiros campus, Avenida Itália Km 8. Carreiros District, Rio Grande/RS.
Opening hours: 8 to 12 a.m. and 1:30 to 5:30 p.m.

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