1. What is Sistemas da FURG?

Sistemas FURG is the University’s computerized management systems, with access areas for students, teachers and technicians. For students, it offers information relevant to academic activities, such as the registration of programs, courses, curriculum, requirements, and transcripts, among other auxiliary information.

2. How do I login to the "Sistemas FURG"? 

You must enter with your registration number (students) or SIAPE number (faculty and staff) and the temporary password, which is your CPF number.

3. I have a problem with "Sistemas FURG", what do I do?

Sistemas FURG is developed and maintained by the Information Technology Center. Any problems please contact the sector directly by telephone (53) 3233-6568 or e-mail

4. How to access FURG's Wi-Fi?

You need to connect your device to the network and enter your login information: registration number (students) or SIAPE number (faculty and staff) and password, same as used for the Sistemas FURG.