1. How do I confirm my enrollment?

Confirmation of enrollment is done in the Program Coordination during the first week of classes, by signing the confirmation minutes. It is an essential step, because if you do not fulfill it, either in person or by attorney, you will lose your registration.

2. How is the re-enrollment done?

Re-enrollment is done via Systems in the period indicated on the University Calendar.

3. What is the difference between enrollment cancellation and withdrawal?

Enrollment cancellation is the act that terminates the student’s registration in the University. You may, at any time, request the cancellation of your enrollment. Withdrawal, in turn, is the modality that enrolled students can use to interrupt their studies without losing registration. Withdrawn students are enrolled students at the institution and the time they remain off in this situation is not computed for the purpose of course completion.

4. Who is able to do the enrollment cancellation? How is it done?

In order to cancel the enrollment at FURG, you must either go in person or your duly established attorney to the Pro-Rectory of Undergraduate Studies, with a copy of your identity card and a completed Application for Cancellation of Enrollment, signed and notarized in a notary’s office.

5. After enrollment withdrawal, how do I want come back to study?

To return after completing the enrollment withdrawal, you must do the re-enrollment for the next semester on the Systems, according to the University Calendar.

6. I am on a leave of absence by enrollment withdrawal, upon request. How much time do I still have at FURG?

You can ask for enrollment withdrawals twice only, respecting the deadlines provided in the academic calendar. When the program is semi-annual, withdrawals can be taken for up to two semesters. In annual programs, the procedure can be done for up to two years. The student must renew the withdrawal during the enrollment period.

7. Can I request a transfer to FURG as a student from another university?

Yes. To request a transfer, you must have an active registration at another University. For more information on transfer modalities, contact the Pro-Rectory of Undergraduate Studies at or by telephone (53) 3237-3016.

8. I have already started a higher degree program at another University. How can I transfer credits from previous courses taken?

To transfer credit from previous studies taken, you must address to the Program Coordination your former academic transcript and a document with course descriptions.