1. How are graduation ceremonies held at FURG?

Since 2006, the graduations are coordinated and executed entirely by FURG to ensure the official and public nature of the act. By providing place, decoration and gowns (academic dress) for all solemnities, the University allows all undergraduates of the onsite and distance courses to receive their relevant diplomas at no cost.

2. I am graduating now, but I have no interest in attending the solemnity. Can I apply for a Graduation Ceremony in Office? How to proceed?

Graduation Ceremony in Office is a ceremony held at the Rector’s Office or another internal University facility in the presence of the Rector and the Chief of Rector’s Office, in cases the students cannot or choose not to attend the degree award graduation ceremony. There are no academic dress required, no class sponsor, honored professor or spokesperson. In this act it is possible to receive the degree by power of attorney when due to force majeure the student cannot be present. Each year, usually in April, graduation commissions are composed for the programs completing activities in the first and second semesters. From this, the procedures and definition of the schedule of solemnities are carried out. More information can be obtained by email or by telephone (53) 3233-6683 and (53) 3237-3034.

3. Does FURG have the recordings of graduation ceremonies? Where do I find mine?

FURG keeps graduation recordings in a database. You can access it here.