1. Can anyone request documents on my behalf? And how about withdrawing them?

No. A written authorization is required to withdraw someone else’s documents. For the withdrawal of diploma, a notarized power of attorney is required.

2. How can I obtain documents regarding my academic life at FURG?

You can withdraw your documents via Sistemas FURG with the enrollment number and a password, since there is your CPF (individual taxpayer identification) number and e-mail address registered. Course syllabuses are not available in the Sistemas FURG for those who attended before 2009. If this is your case, you must request your documents at the Student Records Office.

3. I have lost my Undergraduate / Specialization / Master’s / Doctoral diploma. How do I request a duplicate?

You must request at the FURG’s General Records, with a photocopy of your identity card, a marriage or marriage certificate, and an official report of loss or theft.

4. Does FURG participate in the Revalida INEP?

Yes, we do participated in the Revalida INEP, but for now the program is undergoing a system change.

5. What is diploma revalidation / title recognition?

The revalidation of diploma is the recognition of foreign undergraduate or graduate titles/degrees, when you wish to perform technical duties here.

6. Does FURG issue documents in another language?

Upon request, official English translations of FURG’s academic documents may be issued. Requests must be made to the Translation Center on Sistemas FURG.