1. When is FURG's entrance exam?

FURG does not have entrance exam as a way of admission. We use a Unified Selection System (“Sisu”) and other specific admission processes about which you may find here.

2. What is the main way of admission at FURG?

The main way of admission at FURG’s undergraduate programs is by the Unified Selection System (Sisu). Another form of admission is by the Selective Process for the Occupation of Vacant Places (PSVO), which offers vacancies in the modalities of course exchange, faculty transfer, re-entry and degree holder for undergraduate studies.

3. What are the specific selective processes?

Specific Selective Processes are affirmative actions designed to facilitate the admission of indigenous and quilombola students, in addition to those of the Field Education at FURG.

4. Does FURG offer any distance education degree? How do I register?

FURG offers as distance education 5 undergraduate programs, 10 graduate specializations, 4 training courses, and 1 extension course. Access to University undergraduate programs in distance education modality is carried out by specific selective processes, exclusively based on the results of Enem. FURG also operates in 21 support centers in the state of Rio Grande do Sul. For more information, visit Distance Education Center’s.

5. How do admissions to Graduate Specialization, Master’s and Doctoral degrees at FURG are carried out?

The admission processes for Graduate Specialization, Master’s and Doctoral degrees are carried out separately by each Graduate Program. Siposg gathers all admission processes in progress.