This degree aims to provide professionals with the skills to plan, conduct, assess and prevent impacts, diagnose problems, create and adapt technological solutions for the farming of aquatic organisms, aiming to foster the scientific and technological development of farming aquatic organisms sustainably and with respect for the environment.




Telephone number:
(53) 3236-8042

Luis Henrique da Silva Poersch


Assistant Coordinator:
Dariano Krummenauer

Lines of research

- Feeding and nutrition of aquatic organisms;
- Biology of farming aquatic organisms and biotechnology;
- Ecology of microorganisms, parasitology and pathology of farming aquatic organisms;
- Production and processing of aquatic organisms;
- Water quality, assessment and recovery of the environment and fishery resources;
- Reproduction and hatchery of aquatic organisms.

Basic information

Campus: Carreiros
Capes Score: 6
Area of Concentration: Zootechny; Water Resources.

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