Strategic Planning

Since the 1970’s, FURG has invested in strategic planning as a collaborative process aimed to achieve the University’s mission and follow its vision of future. Therefore, a wide reflection about academic and administrative activities is fostered and, as a result, measures for institutional improvement are proposed.

In order to support this reflection, many opinion surveys have been made, in a cyclical way, with the university community to evaluate the perception of the different sections involved in FURG’s activities. The proposition of measures for the institution directions is carried out in seminars with the university community and by surveys to the university external community, students and outsourced workers, which results in the development of the Institutional Educational Project (IEP) and the Institutional Development Plan (IDP).

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Institutional Educational Project

The Institutional Educational Project (“PPI”) brings a strategic vision to think and plan the university in the long run. It summarizes the University’s philosophy, mission, vision and guidelines; the guiding principles of teaching, research and extension; the profile of workers and students; the evaluation and planning of strategic goals, as a way to guide teaching, research and extension activities.

Built for a 12 years perspective, PPI is a dynamic process under permanent assessment to manage the changes in institutional and social context.


Institutional Development

The Institutional Development Plan (“PDI”), in turn, brings the leading basis and the institutional programs by which the different fields of work at FURG aim to accomplish the mission, vision and strategic goals that are expected in PPI. PDI may be understood as a medium-term planning instrument, reviewed every 4 years and on which the Annual Action Plans of the University’s academic and administrative units are defined.

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PDI construction and revision process

FURG’s institutional planning is a process completely integrated to the Institutional Self-Assessment Program. This is because by the assessment processes of the Program the university community is questioned about the University’s performance and can collaborate with its future. The Institutional Self-Assessment is structured in a 4-year evaluative cycle by which the different annual and quadrennial evaluation processes are made (Student Assessment of Faculty, Assessment of University Restaurants, Assessment of FURG’s Reputation, Community Opinion Survey, and more).

Results of the Opinion Surveys are analyzed in quantitative and qualitative ways and then sent to the Academic and Administrative Units. Based on this previously listed information, the Internal Committees for Permanent Evaluation carry out analyses and guide the process of self-assessment at the respective Unit levels, concerning positive working aspects and those to be improved.

This material (self-assessment report, contributions to the PDI from academic and administrative units, analysis of the surveys made with outsourced workers, society and students) is analyzed by members of the Planning Advisory Committee (“CAP”) and support the text construction for the next PDI.