Sciences - distance education

The undergraduate program in Science EaD aims to graduate Science teachers to work in Elementary Education aiming at an integrated and contextualized teaching that is able to manage educational processes and understand the school as a specific professional field, in addition to problematize the pedagogical praxis collectively.



(53) 3293-5109

Berenice Vahl Vanie

Assistant coordinator:

Tiago Dziekaniak Figueiredo

Occupation area

Professionals holding this degree will be able to work as Science teachers in Elementary Education.

Professional profile

Science teachers are professionals skilled to work as teachers in Elementary Education with ethic, political, technical and esthetic competences, and promoting an organic view of Science, as well as working with the plurality and social and cultural differences. Such professionals will be prepared to become researchers and teachers on their own praxis, able to constantly exercise critical evaluation towards their own practices and methodologies.

Basic information

Length 8 semesters
Campus: according to edict
Degree: teaching
Admissions: according to edict
Modality: distance education

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