Library Science

The undergraduate program in Library Science aims to provide Library Science Bachelors with a critical view of society and qualification for the management of cultural, scientific, technical information, registered in multiple supports, conscious of the ethical commitment, prioritizing free access to the knowledge registries.



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Maria Helena Machado de Moraes

Assistant coordinator:

Marcia Rodrigues

Occupation Area

Librarians work in public, community, special, hospital, school, academic and private libraries, in documentation centers and information analysis; in publishers; in communication companies, newspapers and magazines, in research centers; in support for researchers in bibliographic research (location and acquisition of sources or data); and also as an specialized self-employed/freelancer professional, consultant or assessor.

Professional Profile

Professionals of Library Science show a critical and investigative sense, oral and written communication skills, a willingness to master new technologies, reading habit, analyses and syntheses skills, tendency for working in groups, sense of organization and determination in search for new knowledge.

Basic information

Length: 8 semesters
Campus: Carreiros
Schedule: morning 
Degree: bachelor
Admissions: 40
Modality: classroom

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