The undergraduate program in Events aims to prepare professional for planning, executing and evaluating events, as well as to confront the needs of a market that is in expansion, specialization and segmentation process, aiming at social-cultural and economic development in a sustainable way; and also connecting with market needs, providing professionals with skills and abilities for the economic and sustainable development of events. 



(53) 3263-8275

César André Luiz Beras

Assistant coordinator:

Renata Brauner Ferreira

Occupation area

Technologists of Events may work in the organization of different events as freelance or self-employed professionals and also in the public and private sectors. Some areas of activities include: catering services for events, multimedia equipment renting and fitting companies, furniture and decoration renting and fitting companies, Convention Bureaus, ceremonial and reception companies, specialized communication in events, as well as marketing and events departments of public or private companies.

Professional profile

Professionals of Events may have the skills to create and attract events, and to develop an analytical capacity to find social and economic sustainability for such events, through an efficient management targeting civil responsibility of organizers towards everyone involved.

Basic information

Length: 5 semesters
Campus: Santa Vitória do Palmar
Schedule: evening
Degree: technologist
Admissions: 45
Modality: classroom

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