History - distance education

The undergraduate program in History - EaD aims to improve the historical knowledge in its broadest scope by training qualified professionals capable of teaching in the area of ​​History in Elementary, Secondary and Professional Education. Developing a multidisciplinary vision, committed to humane values ​​and society, and emphasizing the professional ethics.



(53) 3293-5362

Anselmo Alves Neetzow

Assistant coordinator:

Jussemar Weiss Gonçalves

Occupation area

Licentiates of History are able to work as a teacher in Elementary and Secondary Education, and may also exercise activities in different spaces, public or private.

Professional profile

Historians are professionals with ethical, political, technical and aesthetic competence and with the skills and knowledge to work with an organic vision of History, in order to meeting the demands of contemporary society.

Basic information

Length: 8 semesters
Campus: according to edict
Degree: teaching
Admissions: according to edict
Modality: distance education

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