Multi-Professional Residency in Healthcare Professional Area

The program is characterized by inter-institutional cooperation between Education and Health to favor qualified insertion of newly graduated professionals in priority areas for Brazilian “Health Single System” (SUS). It aims to qualify experts (nurses, psychologists and physical education teachers/professionals) for the health area, taking part from their inclusion in health services by creating articulations that enable educational permanent exercise and proposing practices that integrate teaching, research as well as extension, focused on the consolidation of SUS’s principles and guidelines. Currently, the program offers Multi-professional Residency in Family Health and Hospital Multi-professional Integrated Residency with emphasis in Adult’s Cardio-metabolic Health Care.



Telephone number: 
(53) 3237-3014

Sibele da Rocha Martins

Basic Information

Campus: Unidade Saúde 
Area: Healthcare and social well-being
Modality: Classroom attendance

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