A Word from the Rector

"Welcome you all to the Federal University of Rio Grande — FURG Web Portal! 

FURG, as a public university, truly represents a space of social transformation and as such it aggregates a plurality of ideas concerning the world, culture and knowledge. In this transforming path, we have been developing a work in consonance with an ethical and supportive attitude, and we increasingly believe in the possibility to transform even not very encouraging situations.

But we cannot achieve this purpose alone. It is as a community that we can reach the universalization and democratization of knowledge, seen as the basis for any social transformation. This movement of getting to know and recognize oneself as part of FURG constitutes a dynamics in that everyone can teach and everyone can learn, as professor Paulo Freire once dared to dream.

It is from such a movement that the respect to differences is born and grows up. It is therefore also how knowledge is built in addition to appreciation of the diversity and multiculturalism that compose our university and our society. So, we should not get surprised if in this dynamics we shall confront some ideas already judged as consolidated. Public university is certainly a place for confronting ideas and redefining concepts, and this may transform you as a subject at different levels.

We thank you for visiting our Web Portal and we expect that your contributions will make FURG a greater place for everyone who has the opportunity to live an authentic experience of life and humanity.

Do not forget: this place is for everyone, including you. Enjoy your time at FURG and invest in more human and dialogic social relationships, because it is from these relationships that our most precious learnings arise."

Cleuza Maria Sobral Dias